10 Catering Tips to Make Your Next Corporate Event a Hit

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10 Catering Tips to Make Your Next Corporate Event a Hit

Planning a party can sometimes be great fun, but it’s mostly just stressful. This couldn’t be more true when organizing a corporate event. Whether it’s a business meeting at the office or an offsite team-building, you want the food and the service to be top-notch, with no chance of any slip-ups, so that everyone can enjoy themselves, stay motivated and remember the event as a hit (and not a miss).

But how to make a corporate event a hit? Read our top 10 catering tips to find out.

1. Plan Ahead

A corporate event (or any event for that matter) benefits from planning ahead. Finding the right organic groceries for the same will take time, so start your research well in advance. Depending on the size of your event, you could be looking at weeks or even months of preparation, especially if you need a corporate event catering for a larger crowd.

2. Know Your Numbers

Of course, you can only move forward with planning if you know your numbers, as in the number of attendees and the money you're willing to spend. So be sure to do a headcount and get the budget approved by your management. Be clear on your expectations when presenting your budget to your caterer: a sit-down dinner with flowers, fancy china, and full service will likely cost more than a casual sandwich buffet!

3. Plan for the Occasion

To make your party a hit, you need to ask yourself why you are organizing a corporate event in the first place. If it's the retirement party for Bob from accounting, then something casual with finger food, cake, and some music will be great. The same setup might fall short if you were celebrating the sales team for closing the deal of the century. Think about the occasion and the mood you want to convey. This way, it will be easier to meet your team's expectations.

4. Know Your Catering Needs

You also have to decide whether you need full-service corporate event catering or you will manage with a self-service buffet. A waiting staff comes in handy when you want your team to focus on the meetings or speakers you have lined up for them. However, a buffet has the advantage of helping them to mingle casually, which can be great for team-building events. So understand your needs and book your corporate event catering services accordingly.

5. Stick to the Schedule

If your event runs on a fixed schedule, say, you have speakers lined up all day long, you need to think about when food service is the most convenient. You may want one long lunch break or several shorter breaks. Your caterer must know how much time they have to prepare the food to serve it on time, and all hot and fresh!

6. Pick the Right Food

Once you know the number of attendees, the budget, the schedule, and the theme, choosing the right food will be a piece of cake! Share all this information with your catering services so they can put together the right menu for you. For example, if you're hosting a party with limited seating, you'll probably get finger foods. Breakfast will most likely include coffee, juices, and pastries. Seated lunch or dinner will have main courses, entrées, side dishes, and so on. The great thing about working with a professional is that it's almost impossible to pick food that isn't right for your event.

7. Cater for Everyone

When catering for a corporate event, don't overlook your coworkers' dietary needs. While vegetarians and vegans will appreciate a selection of plant-based dishes, those with food sensitivities and allergies require more careful planning. To be safe, ask your employees about their dietary requirements early on so that the caterer has enough time to offer suitable options.

8. Don't Bring Your Own Lunch

If you're thinking of saving costs and asking your team to bring their own lunch, think again! If you're on a tight budget, it's better to have fewer events throughout the year where you can spend more on food, venue, and service, to make it truly special. Your coworkers are more likely to remember a feast than a sad boxed lunch.

9. Set the Tone with Music

The music you play helps set the tone of the party. Do you want ambient background music or something upbeat? Will they sing karaoke, or do you want to give them a chance to talk? Your choice of music can make or break the event. So take another look at your schedule and plan your playlist accordingly!

10. Hire a Professional

If all this organizing seems overwhelming, you could probably benefit from professional corporate event catering. Look for catering services that can take care of everything from start to finish, including food preparation, service, and clean-up, so you can focus on everyone having a great time—including yourself!

Summing Up

If you're looking for corporate catering in Newbury Park or looking up “catering near me”, look no further than Pickles Deli. Our catering menu is designed to suit any occasion. Whether it's a breakfast function or a lunch time event, our hearty meals, healthy snacks, and creative platters will make your event a success. You can order from our catering menu for pickup or local delivery so you can focus on what matters - enjoying your special day.

Ready to make your next corporate event a hit? Contact us online or at 805-480-4800 to find out more about our corporate event catering services, and let's start planning your event today!

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