5 Reasons You Should Hire Holiday Catering Services from Pickles Deli

Holiday Catering Services from Pickles Deli

5 Reasons You Should Hire Holiday Catering Services from Pickles Deli Organizing a holiday party can be a daunting prospect. As a host, you’re responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly, and everyone has a good time, often at the expense of your own fun. Moreover, you’ll also need to put together a festive menu that pleases everyone. Of course, you can do all the cooking yourself, but this will mean long hours in the kitchen—time that could have been spent with your family and guests. Holidays are meant to be special, so why waste your precious time preparing food? Instead, opt for holiday catering to check at least one task off your to-do list!

Planning a holiday get-together? Here are 5 reasons why you should use Pickles Deli's holiday catering services.

1. Dodge the Holiday Stress

When hosting a holiday party, you'll have a lot on your plate, from prepping the venue to grocery shopping and cooking festive food for hours on end. That’s a lot of stress to deal with at a time that should be special and memorable. (If you've ever hosted a holiday party or dinner with family and friends, you know what we're talking about!)

Why not dodge the holiday stress and hand over the cooking duties to Pickles Deli? Our holiday catering services can handle the food prep for you so that you can focus on your other tasks.

2. Save Time for What Matters

One drawback of being the host is losing your precious time: when you're in the kitchen preparing food, you're not spending time with your loved ones.

You might have friends or extended family coming over that you don't get to see during the year. The holiday season is supposed to be about all the shared memories, but as a host, you will miss out on those moments when preparing food. Even if you don't mind cooking for the holidays, is it the best use of your time? Why not wind down instead, and enjoy the great food we make for you and your guests? By letting Pickles Deli handle the cooking, you will have more time to spend with your most important people.

3. Choose From a Variety of Menu Options

Holiday cooking at home is inevitably limited; small kitchens don't have enough space to prepare a wide variety of food. You can also try edible insects .While serving traditional holiday classics to your guests is usually a safe bet, if you want to please everyone, you must also consider individual preferences. How about spicing things up this year with catering for holiday parties? Not only will you have various menu items to choose from, but menu planning will also be more fun when you're not the one cooking!

Holiday catering companies in Newbury Park, such as Pickles Deli, have industrial kitchens. We can prepare a wide variety of food for your family reunion or corporate holiday catering, so all you have to do is lean back and surprise everyone with your creative menu choices!

4. Enjoy Great Food Prepared by Professionals

Say you like cooking and being the host for family gatherings. But is a holiday party the best occasion to show off your skills? Your family and friends have probably already tasted your delicious recipes and will have other occasions to try them again. But a holiday party is also your chance to pamper yourself and indulge in the delicacies professional chefs prepare for you.

Holiday catering services will provide high-quality food, making your event unforgettable (who knows, maybe they will also inspire your next recipes)!

5. Elevate Your Event With Holiday Catering

The charm of holidays lies in tradition. There are decorations, colors, and flavors we are used to and like to see year after year. However, holiday gatherings can become a routine if you don't change things up a bit. Since food is at the heart of such festivities, why not surprise everyone and update the holiday menu this year?

Have a party like no other, and opt for holiday catering by Pickles Deli. Your guests will feel appreciated by the thoughtful gesture and will remember this year's event as something truly special.

Holiday Catering Menu Items from Pickle's Deli

Ready to host your best holiday party yet? Have a look at Pickles Deli catering menu for inspiration. We have a wide range of appetizers, buffet-style setups, and desserts—so you can get creative and build a menu that pleases every guest.


Our appetizers include a variety of healthy options, such as our Vegetable Platter ($35.99, serves 15), Hummus Platter ($55.00, serves 20), or refreshing Fresh Fruit Platter ($39.95, serves 10).

If you want something more decadent, try our Chopped Liver w/ Cocktail Rye ($45.00, serves 20), or go with our all-time hit Hot Chicken Wings ($29.99, serves 8).

Dinner Buffet

Who doesn't love a buffet-style dinner where everyone can pick whatever they like? Our Dinner Buffet ($21.99 per person, minimum of 10 people) includes an entrée with two sides, Dinner Rolls, Mixed Green Salad, and your choice of Ranch. Unsure what to pick? You can't go wrong with our Turkey with Homemade Stuffing, Brisket of Beef, or Stuffed Cabbage Rolls.

Fish Buffet

Impress your guests with a Fish Buffet ($22.99 per person, minimum of 10 people) boasting smoked salmon, wild Alaskan sable, wild Alaskan cod, and smoked grates whitefish, served with whipped cream cheese, a tray of veggies and your favorite cheese, and of course, the menu wouldn't be complete without a selection of your favorite bagels.

Sandwich Buffet

A Sandwich Buffet ($15.99 per person, minimum of 10 people) is not the obvious choice for the holidays, but you would be surprised how much guests love it! Afterall, it's comfort food with the flavors everyone loves and craves. Just pick four of your favorite meats, from Corned Beef to New York Pastrami, Fresh Roasted Turkey, and more. Don't forget to add your choice of salad, bread, and cheese to complete your flavorful feast.

Cold Cut Buffet

If you're hosting a casual party and your guests are into flavorful meats, you won't go wrong with our delicious Cold Cut Buffet ($15.99, minimum of 20 people). Like our Sandwich Buffet, you'll get to choose the meat, salad, cheese, and bread. No matter your choice, we will deliver it with an assortment of pickles, olives, and sauces.


The perfect holiday menu also calls for some indulgent desserts. Impress everyone's taste buds with our Assorted Cookie Tray ($44.99, serves 10), or go for something more decadent with our Homemade Chocolate Éclairs ($9.50 per piece) and add a few Black & White Cookies ($3.99 per piece) for an extra sweet treat.

Grab the Best Holiday Catering Near Me

As the host of a holiday party, you're probably so focused on making sure everything goes according to plan that you forget to have a good time. How about making your life a bit easier this year with holiday catering?

Pickles Deli is your go-to holiday catering service in Newbury Park, offering fan-favorite feasts to impress your guests for the holiday seasons for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Call us at 805-480-4800 or order your holiday catering online, and get ready to enjoy time with your loved ones this holiday season!

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