The Best Occasions and Events to Hire a Caterer

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The Best Occasions and Events to Hire a Caterer

What makes a successful event? Guests having a good time, great music, fun activities, and of course the food! Good food makes an event memorable, whether it’s a small gathering or a party for hundreds of people. But what if the food isn’t good enough? What if it’s served at the wrong time, or you simply run out of it? Well, that, too, makes your event memorable—for all the wrong reasons

So before you think about hosting your event DIY-style and cooking for all the guests, think again. It can be stressful to prepare food for everyone. Not only must you come up with the right dishes for the occasion, but you also need to think about dietary preferences, portions, and plating to make sure everything is perfect.

To take the weight off your shoulders, hiring catering for your party can save you time. Hiring graduation catering services or meal kits delivery, you’ll know how much food to order, so you don’t have to worry about your hungry guests. And it will help you relax, enjoy your event and focus on what matters—without distractions. For that reason alone, it’s well worth having your event catered.

But what are the best occasions or events to hire a caterer? The list is close to endless, but based on our experience of catering in Newbury Park, we here at Pickle’s Deli say you can’t go wrong with having catering at these events:

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Professional catering is a must for any wedding. Even if it happens to be a casual one, you should be able to enjoy your big day without stressing over the little details. Depending on the style and size of the wedding, your caterers will ensure that everything (from starters to main courses to the wedding cake) is served in the best condition, without delays or hiccups, so that everyone can just enjoy themselves, especially the happy couple!

Birthday Parties

Although most people think they can manage their own birthday parties, the truth is that you can't truly celebrate your birthday if you have to cook for all the guests. It's stressful, to say the least. So why not hire caterers for the big event? They can prepare casual, creative dishes and platters so that everyone can find their favorite snacks, and you can sit back and enjoy the party. Isn't it great to only worry about the food when cutting your birthday cake?

Corporate Events

Corporate events almost always require professional catering. The keyword is professional: whether it's a business meeting in your office or off-site team building, you want both the food and the setup to be top-notch. So Newbury Park corporate event catering is the answer! Consider your employees' dietary needs, and make sure to have healthy options served—such as vegetable trays and fresh fruit platters—next to the more obvious choices like a sandwich buffet.

Holiday Gatherings

Holiday gatherings are usually intimate, small group affairs, where everyone may be cooking together or is expected to bring something they have cooked. However, the truth is that holiday cooking is hard work, with the festive dishes usually taking hours to prepare. So wouldn't it be better to focus on your loved ones and outsource the catering to professionals? Your Newbury Park event catering services can take care of your whole holiday dinner, including the desserts.

Not only will this save you time, but it will make your event more memorable—and free of holiday stress.


Whether high school or university, graduation is an important rite of passage that celebrates one's achievements and marks the beginning of a new chapter. But best of all, family and friends are also invited to share your joy. It's a day for everyone to celebrate (without worrying about a thing)! Much like other rites of passage, such as bar mitzvahs and quinceañera parties, such special events don't often happen in one's life, so why not make them more memorable with good food served up by catering pros?

Bridal Showers

While organizing a bridal shower is undoubtedly exciting, planning the food is hardly the best part! If you leave this task to a professional, not only will the bride-to-be feel more special, but you'll also have more time to think up all the fun games and activities. Depending on when the party starts and where you're heading, your caterers could serve a delicious hot breakfast, healthy salads for lunch, or a wrap platter for the evening, for instance—the idea is to make sure everyone is well-fed before the fun starts!

Retirement Parties

Retirement is a big deal in a person's life, well worth a party to honor their long years of work, recognize their achievements, and celebrate the new life ahead. Whether the retirement party is organized in the office or within the family, hiring professional caterers is a thoughtful gesture that makes the event more memorable for everyone. Think of serving bite-sized appetizers and no-hassle sweets like assorted cookies so you can focus on sharing your life stories without interruption!

Pickles Deli Caters to All Your Event Needs!

Catering near me? Yes, it's Pickles Deli, your go-to party caterers in Newbury Park!

Whether catering for private events or corporate catering in Newbury Park, we have the experience to make your event a success. Our catering menu is designed to suit any occasion: whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can choose from a variety of buffet options, salads, and creative platters of healthy and hearty snacks. We can order for pick up or delivery within the area, so you can sit back and focus on what matters: enjoying good food in good company. Ready to celebrate? Pickles Deli, your Newbury Park catering services, is looking forward to making your event unforgettable! Call 805-480-4800 for information on how we can cater your next event or get in touch by filling out our online form!

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