How to Cater for Your Next Breakfast Meeting

Breakfast Meetings with Pickles Deli Catering

Breakfast Meetings with Pickles Deli Catering

Breakfast meetings have become increasingly popular in recent years and it’s easy to see why! Everyone is the most productive in the mornings, so sessions end faster and with great results. In addition, event catering for breakfast is generally less costly than for dinner or lunch even if you’re catering for large groups. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to get creative with the food you serve! On the contrary, breakfast should be tasty, well balanced, but at the same time, easy to eat to give everyone a quick energy boost for the day. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day—especially when conducting important business.

Planning a breakfast meeting? Pickle’s Deli has got you covered. Read our catering tips below to elevate your early meetings, conferences, or training sessions with some delicious food.

Serve a Continental Breakfast

If you're hosting a business meeting, you can't go wrong with a classic continental breakfast. A continental breakfast buffet can be easily put together for both small and large groups. It's perfect for team meetings and training sessions when you want to indulge in a few tasty treats but also have the chance to mingle with a plate in hand. If you're having a formal meeting, a continental breakfast will help you avoid mess. As we all know, scrambled eggs can get messy, so pastries and bagels are the way to go.

End a Meeting with Breakfast Sandwiches

If you don’t know how long the meeting will drag on, offering some delicious sandwiches to staff and clients can be a good idea. Sandwiches are a mix of carbs, protein, and flavors guaranteed to replenish energy reserves after a long session. They are also easy to serve, making them a big hit in corporate breakfast catering. However, if you think the meeting will run past lunch, consider handing out lunch boxes and let your staff have some downtime on their own.

End A Meeting With Breakfast Sandwiches

Treat Your Clients to a Hot Breakfast

If you want to impress your staff and clients with something more decadent than a sandwich tray, a traditional hot breakfast with eggs and meat might be what you’re looking for. A hot breakfast needs some preparation, as you have to plan a seating area and tableware, so the atmosphere may also be more formal than during a self-service buffet. That’s why this setup is often reserved for impressing VIPs.

Set up a Grazing Table

If you don’t think a full breakfast buffet is necessary for your event but want your colleagues to have their choice of food, a grazing table is a good option. Similar to buffet-style corporate breakfast catering, albeit in a compact format, this setup is made up of finger foods, ideal for longer meetings, so team members can quickly grab whatever they feel like before getting back to business. Bonus point: grazing tables look great, elevating any event!

Plan For Special Dietary Needs

When catering breakfast, you’d want to plan for specific dietary needs—especially because breakfast staples such as eggs and pastries are hardly vegan! Some team members may also have food allergies or need dairy-free or gluten-free options. You don’t want your coworkers to miss the morning feast, so make sure you plan ahead to offer them some alternatives.

Delicious Breakfast Buffet

Don't Forget the Essentials

Event catering for breakfast meetings can quickly fail if the basics are lacking. So make sure you have enough beverages on hand: coffee, tea, water, and a variety of juices are essential for a business breakfast. You should also provide tableware and napkins, depending on the type of food you choose to serve. In some cases, paper plates and cups are sufficient, it depends on how formal an event you're planning. However, not all catering companies in Newbury Park provide such supplies, so you will often need to provide these yourself.

Breakfast Catering Menu by Pickles Deli

Breakfast Catering Menu by Pickles Deli
We offer a variety of breakfast menu items to help kick off your morning meetings:

  • Continental Breakfast includes coffee, juices, fresh fruit, cream cheese bagels, and muffins. It’s the perfect balance of sweet, savory, and healthy so that everyone can find their favorites to kickstart the meeting in a good mood!
  • Breakfast burritos and breakfast sandwich trays for a minimum of 10 people. Whether you opt for our hearty sandwiches, or our lean protein and fitness wraps, we guarantee your business breakfast will be full of flavors! We also offer lunch boxes with deli sandwiches, cookies, fresh fruit, or salad to end the meeting on a good note with a well-balanced meal.
  • Our hot breakfast includes scrambled eggs and fries, breakfast meats, and a selection of bread and bagels for groups of 10 and up to help you make the most of your corporate breakfast catering.
  • Appetizer trays to help you create the perfect grazing table. Thanks to our delicious hot wings, chopped liver trays, or fresh hummus platters, your breakfast meetings will be crowned with success, and full of flavor!
  • Vegetable tray and a hummus platter for those who are vegan or vegetarian – we offer plant-based options for breakfast catering that are both delicious and healthy. We also have tasty veggie sandwiches and other choices that may suit special dietary needs. Contact us for more ideas on how to personalize your breakfast catering!
  • Muffin and Bagels Tray are baked fresh daily for those who crave a sweet or savory baked good for a quick pick me up after the meeting!

Let Pickle’s Deli Take Care of Your Breakfast Meeting Catering!

Business meetings are most productive in the morning; that's why it's all the more important to serve your clients and staff a delicious breakfast.

If you are looking for corporate catering in Newbury Park or breakfast catering near me, to dazzle your team with some tasty morning treats, look no further than Pickles Deli. Our catering menu includes a variety of breakfast options to suit your morning meetings. We offer continental breakfast, sandwich trays, breakfast bagels, and muffins, with or without beverage options, with pick-up or local delivery.

Ready to make your meeting a hit? We're happy to prepare your business breakfast or provide more catering tips for your events or functions. Get in touch with us to find out more about our breakfast catering services, and start planning your event today. You can order online or call us at 805-480-4800. Start your morning off right with Pickles Deli breakfast catering!

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